Trinity Industries : Rail, Revolutionized

Safe, economic, and sustainable, rail is the undisputed leader of land transportation. At the vanguard of modern rail solutions and freight innovation, we hit the railroads with the Executive Team behind Trinity Industries, Inc.

By Phoebe Harper Tom Cullum

Atlantic Sapphire : Hook, Line & Sustainability

Atlantic Sapphire is leading the way in sustainable salmon farming. We learn more from Johan Andreassen, CEO

By Ed Budds Tom Cullum

Veterinary Practice Partners : Betting for New Ownership

Veterinary Practice Partners is handing back control of the veterinary industry to veterinarians, as CEO John McDonough explains

By Callam Waller Ed Budds

Arctic Gateway Group : The Arctic Advantage

We speak to Sheldon Affleck, CEO of Arctic Gateway Group, about the company opening the Arctic region to European trade

By Marcus Kääpä Tom Cullum

Allport Cargo Services : Cargo Is All Go

For supply chain management, Allport Cargo Services is North America’s modern service provider of end-to-end cargo solutions.

By Jack Salter Tom Cullum

Commercial Vehicle Group : Vehicle for Change

Driven by innovation, engineered to perfection. We speak to the executive team at Commercial Vehicle Group about the future of manufacturing.

By Jack Salter David Knott

Modumetal : Metal Built Better

Revolutionizing the metals field with nanolamination technology

By Jack Salter David Knott

Parkway Products : Breaking the Mold

On the leading edge of technology, Andrew Green, CEO of Parkway Products, talks us through North America’s premier injection molder

By Jack Salter David Knott

Hardy Diagnostics : Improving Health Together

Employee ownership has fostered a highly motivated “culture of service” at Hardy Diagnostics. President, Jay Hardy, discusses disease diagnosis and prevention

By Callam Waller Jack Salter

Cosmetics Alliance Canada : The New Face of Canadian Cosmetics

Cosmetics Alliance Canada (CA) has been advancing the personal care products industry for over a century. We speak with CEO Darren Praznik, as the association pioneers unprecedented regulatory reform

By Callam Waller Phoebe Harper

Robison Oil : The Home of Comfort

Heating and cooling households for more than a century, Robison Oil continues to explore alternative energy sources for the home.

By Jack Salter David Knott

Truly Nolen of America : Truly the Best

Bringing an age-old practice into the modern era, we speak to Scarlett Nolen, President of Truly Nolen of America, about the development of pest control across Florida and the US

By Marcus Kääpä Tom Cullum

Reflection Window + Wall : Window to the Future

Providing on-site services across the US, we speak to the executive team at Reflection Window + Wall, and discuss the facilitation of façades in the construction sector

Curtain Wall Design and Consulting : Raising the Roof

We lift the curtain on an established leader in exterior cladding systems with Rodney Harvey, member of the Board of Directors at CDC

Gordon Flesch Company : Winning Business

Gordon Flesch Company has been powering business decisions across the Midwest with the necessary software and equipment for over six decades.

By Phoebe Harper Tom Cullum

City of Spokane : Evergreen East of the Mountains

We speak to Michael Sloon of City of Spokane about the latest investments in water, technology and education.

By Marcus Kääpä Tom Cullum

Commonwealth of Virginia : Virginia’s Technological Future

Through the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA), tech is revolutionizing the public sector in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

By Jack Salter Tom Cullum

Ceres : A Call for Faster, Bolder Action

On Earth Day 2022, Mindy Lubber, President and CEO of the sustainability nonprofit organization Ceres, encourages industries worldwide to invest in our planet

By Mindy Lubber

Ecologi : Embracing Earth Day

Putting climate action at your fingertips, Ecologi is the platform championing impactful solutions to compensate your carbon footprint.

By Phoebe Harper

Piloting the Recovery

As aviation bounces back from COVID-19, there remains a looming pilot crisis. We speak to Espen Høiby, CEO of AAP Aviation, about crew management in a post-pandemic world.

By Jack Salter

EMRO Doctors Inc. : Data-Driven Diagnostics

Championing digital cancer care services in the US, we take a look at EMRO Doctors Inc and speak with co-founder Dr Eva Szabo, about the innovative advantages of virtual healthcare.

By Marcus Kääpä

What is your greatest success story of initiating change within your company?

We asked four contributing business leaders – What is your greatest success story of initiating change within your company?

By Editorial Team

North America Outlook Issue 9 April 2022

Issue 9 of North America Outlook Magazine. The B2B digital publication for c-suite executives and hands-on decision-makers across the region.

By Editorial Team