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The latest industry insights from across North America.

Industry Insights

Hyzon Motors : From Diesel to Decarbonization

President and Interim CEO, Parker Meeks, discusses driving the clean energy transition as Hyzon Motors decarbonizes transport with hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles.

Jack Salter By Jack Salter

Final Word – If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be?

Featured business leaders from issue 12 have the final word.

Jack Salter By Jack Salter

Expert Eye – Smart Robotics

Heico Sandee, Chief Technology Officer and Founder at Smart Robotics explores the influence of e-commerce on the future of automated warehouses

Heico Sandee By Heico Sandee

Materials Matter

A leader in sustainable building materials and solutions, Lafarge Canada’s journey to Net Zero is rooted in innovative solutions and collaboration.

Jack Salter By Jack Salter

Fueling the Fires of Domestic Mineral Production

President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) tackles climate change whilst encouraging a prosperous future for the North American mining sector.

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper

Brand or Bust

An expert look at the latest retail takeover.

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper

Final Word – What is your greatest motivator at work?

Featured business leaders from issue 11 have the final word.

Ed Budds By Ed Budds

Expert Eye – Banyan Infrastructure

Amanda Li, co-founder and COO of Banyan Infrastructure explores the growing economic case for green infrastructure projects and the critical need to

Amanda Li By Amanda Li

Topical Focus – The New Era of the Space Age

From space-based construction systems to simulated habitats, ICON is supporting the exploration of our solar system through innovative 3D printing

Jack Salter By Jack Salter

The Golden Touch

Encapsulating the spirit of a luxury drinking experience, we explore the explosive growth of the ultra-premium British brand, Au Vodka and ambitions

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper