The latest Packaging sector corporate stories from across North America.

Packaging Corporate Stories

Petainer : Supporting the Decarbonization of North America with PET

Petainer is a responsible PET manufacturing business striving to produce innovative, circular products that can be collected and recycled.

Plastic Ingenuity Inc. : Ingenuity in the DNA

Evolving from a small-shop operation into one of the largest thermoforming companies in the world, Plastic Ingenuity is the ultimate expert in packaging solutions. We find out more with Chief Revenue Officer, Sakif Ferdous

By Ed Budds David Knott

Greif : The Full Package

Patrick Mullaney - Group President of Global Industrial Packaging at Greif - shares what makes the company stand out from its competitors

By Phoebe Harper

Pactiv Evergreen : Packaging a Better Future

Speaking to CEO, Mike King, we unpack the sustainable and innovative food and beverage packaging solutions being delivered by Pactiv Evergreen

By Jack Salter David Knott

Parkway Products : Breaking the Mold

On the leading edge of technology, Andrew Green, CEO of Parkway Products, talks us through North America’s premier injection molder

By Jack Salter David Knott

WinCup : The First, Best, and Final Straw

WinCup is the foodservice manufacturer producing world-firsts for the industry. We peel back the lid on the innovative company with President and Chief Revenue Officer Michael Winters

By Phoebe Harper

Greif : Manufacturing in a Pandemic

Kimberly Kellermann, Vice President of Greif’s Global Industrial Packaging division, reflects on the challenges and rewards of leading a global manufacturing business through the COVID-19 pandemic

By Kimberly Kellermann