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Michael Sommerfield is a Project Manager for Outlook Publishing. Michael is responsible for showcasing corporate stories in our digital B2B magazines and Digital Platforms, and sourcing collaborations with Business Leaders, Brands, and C-suite Executives to feature in future editions. Michael is actively seeking opportunities to collaborate. Reach out to Michael to discover how you and your business could be our next cover story.
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33 Business Articles

The Drew Company : Development That Makes a Difference

Founded in 1982, The Drew Company has curated a diverse portfolio of visionary real estate projects and public-private partnerships.

Lockheed Martin : Ahead of Ready

Identifying, tracking, and dealing with threats is imperative in national defense. Chandra Marshall, Vice President and General Manager of Lockheed Martin Radar and Sensor Systems, details how the company is at the forefront of threat detection.

Resonac Graphite Business Unit : The Power of Chemistry

Resonac Graphite Business Unit leverages sustainable production processes and a robust continuity framework to present a comprehensive product and service offering to the steelmaking industry.

Aerosonic : Avionics Precision, Accuracy, and Support

Since last speaking to Aerosonic, the company has progressed in its provision of complete air data systems to meet the demands of the biggest aerospace organizations.

Waterville TG : Masters in Adaptive Sealing Solutions

We revisit Waterville TG with Sylvain Dube, General Manager of Business Strategies, as he tells us about the company’s vast history of innovation and leadership and how it continues to design high-performance vehicle sealing solutions that exceed expectations.

A1 Garage Door Service : Opening the Door to Expansion

Operating in 19 states and across 44 locations in the US, A1 Garage Door Service offers premium garage door repair and installation. Luke Martin, COO, shares insight on the company’s recent impressive growth.

Invio Automation : Setting the Future in Motion

We speak to Kevin Wolter, Director of Business Development at Invio Automation, about its proven automation expertise that has accelerated global businesses across a vast range of industries for over 60 years.

Mi Integration : Imagine, Innovate, and Integrate

Mi Integration is an innovative and efficient partner offering collaborative and integrated engineering services through a wide range of products, tooling, and polymer injection procedures.

Kentucky Trailer : Revolutionizing the Road

Revving up the industry with its specialty trailers and truck bodies, Kentucky Trailer is a leader in designing and manufacturing custom transport vehicles. President, John Kwapis, discusses the company’s skills, services, and solutions.

Galaxy Builders : Orbiting Success in the Construction Cosmos

Galaxy Builders’ distinguishing characteristic is its reputation, which shines with star-like quality. We discuss how the company continues to thrive with COO, Cara DeAnda.

Stadler US : The Perfect Production Platform

Revolutionizing rail travel, Stadler US is making its mark with its state-of-the-art facility, which manufactures cutting-edge trains that are not only tailored to meet the unique needs of customers but also set new standards in the industry.

Jim Dent Construction : Delivering Start-to-Finish Solutions

Industry leader, Jim Dent Construction, provides innovative solutions for complex builds in the most challenging conditions across British Columbia. The company’s executive team outlines its recent achievements and hopes for the future amidst a changing industry.