Callam Waller

Callam Waller is the Head of North America Operations and is responsible for bringing together the corporate stories from the retail sector across North America. Callam leads expansion of the brand in the North American market, developing staff, and implementing growth strategies focusing on the ongoing growth and success of the brand across the region.
Head of Operations
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RAW Wheels + Tires : Your Wheels, Your Way

No matter the ride, drive away with customized wheels and tires from the nation’s largest rent-to-own retailer, RAW Wheels + Tires. We speak to President, Matt Seaburn about making style and performance affordable for all

Jack SalterCallam Waller By Jack Salter Callam Waller

Steele Auto Group : Setting the Pace in Canada

Steele Auto Group is made up of 51 companies serving automobile customers across Atlantic Canada. We speak to Kim Day, President and COO, about the group’s one-step-ahead approach to business, and her own career in a male-dominated industry

Central Walk : Central Walk Marches into Canada

As the future of North American retail lies in the consumer experience, Central Walk is transforming shopping centers into multi-functional one-stop hubs. We find out more with Andy Wang, CEO, and Valen Tam, Director of Investments and Asset Management.

Rachel CarrCallam Waller By Rachel Carr Callam Waller

Bar Louie – “Eat. Drink. Be Happy.”

The food and beverage industry has been one of the worst hit by the impact of COVID-19. We spoke to Tom Fricke, CEO of Bar Louie, about the company’s community-centric services and initiatives during the difficult pandemic period

Atradius Group : Giving Credit

Atradius Group is a world leader in trade credit risk thanks to a simple philosophy: close collaboration with its customers

Ed BuddsCallam Waller By Ed Budds Callam Waller

KC Water : Reinventing Water Management

Public utilities service KC Water has employed an innovative asset management strategy to streamline operations and reduce maintenance costs

Ed BuddsCallam Waller By Ed Budds Callam Waller

Dialpad : Dialling a Digital Future

The world of work is undergoing a substantial change, we spoke to CEO and cofounder Craig Walker about Dialpad and the company’s role in driving forward the growing digital revolution

Sentry : Insurance Moves to the Cloud

Progressive digitalisation paves the way for businesses around the globe, we spoke to Sentry about how data and technology are changing the insurance industry