Lauren Robinson

Lauren Robinson is Head of Projects at North America Outlook Magazine. She is responsible for bringing together corporate stories from North America's Food & Beverage and Agriculture sectors.
Head of Projects
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Alltech : Sowing the Seeds of Change

Alltech is uniting the agri-food community in working together for a planet where science-based solutions help ensure sustainable nutrition for the global population. We dig further into this vital mission for natural revitalization with COO, Mike Castle

Ed Budds Lauren Robinson By Ed Budds Lauren Robinson

Bell and Howell : The New Age of Convenience

Encompassing innovation and flexibility with world-class training capabilities and industrial automation services, we speak with CEO of Bell and Howell, Larry Blue

Phoebe Harper Lauren Robinson By Phoebe Harper Lauren Robinson

NuWave Communications : Cloud Automation Transforming Telecommunications

Connection has never been so important. Operating at the head of cloud telecommunication solutions, we take a look at NuWave Communications, and speak to Mark Bunnell, Co-Founder and COO, to learn more

Marcus Kääpä Lauren Robinson By Marcus Kääpä Lauren Robinson

1Path : Path to Technological Excellence

At the frontline of new IT trends, Luca Jacobellis, President of 1Path, paves the way to helping organizations navigate technology with confidence

Jack Salter Lauren Robinson By Jack Salter Lauren Robinson