Latest Sustainability features from across North America.

Latest Sustainability Corporate Stories

Earth Day 2023 : Waving the Green Flag

Leading with the theme of 'Invest in Our Planet’, we look at how Earth Day 2023 brings together companies of all sizes to highlight the importance of sustainability.

Lucy Pilgrim By Lucy Pilgrim

Melcar : The Vanguard of Infrastructure Development

We take a look at the pinnacle of infrastructure contracting, Melcar Group, and speak to Managing Director, James McIntyre, about the company’s dedication towards sustainability, safety, and the development of North America’s offshore wind industry

Marcus Kääpä By Marcus Kääpä

Alltech : Sowing the Seeds of Change

Alltech is uniting the agri-food community in working together for a planet where science-based solutions help ensure sustainable nutrition for the global population. We dig further into this vital mission for natural revitalization with COO, Mike Castle

Ed BuddsLauren Robinson By Ed Budds Lauren Robinson

VB : Cultivating the Farm of the Future

Controlled-environment agriculture is being recognized as the most efficient method of choice for farming and horticulture. Originating from the Netherlands, we take a look at VB, and speak to CEO Edward Verbakel about greenhouse advantages and recent developments in Europe and the US.

Marcus KääpäLiam Pye By Marcus Kääpä Liam Pye

Materials Matter

A leader in sustainable building materials and solutions, Lafarge Canada’s journey to Net Zero is rooted in innovative solutions and collaboration.

Jack Salter By Jack Salter

Ceres : A Call for Faster, Bolder Action

On Earth Day 2022, Mindy Lubber, President and CEO of the sustainability nonprofit organization Ceres, encourages industries worldwide to invest in our planet

Mindy Lubber By Mindy Lubber

Topical Focus – Embracing Earth Day with Ecologi

Putting climate action at your fingertips, Ecologi is the accessible platform championing impactful solutions to compensate your carbon footprint.

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper

What is your greatest success story of initiating change within your company?

We asked contributing business leaders to give us the final word in issue 9.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

FarEye : Enabling Logistics and Supply Chain Sustainability

Delivering sustainability through a worldwide intelligent management FarEye’s technology enables logistics and supply chain sustainability. FarEye’s President of the Americas, Paul Greifenberger, shares how FarEye’s logistics solutions not only help enterprises be more customer-driven but also accomplish ‘carbon neutrality’

Phoebe HarperTom Cullum By Phoebe Harper Tom Cullum

Business in the Age of Social Responsibility

Unpacking the concept of CSR and the benefits of demonstrating a responsible stance for businesses in an era of social and environmental consciousness.

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper