Latest Technology sector corporate stories from across North America.

Technology Corporate Stories

Brain Corp : Productivity Automated, Intelligence Unleashed

As the leading autonomy platform driving robotic and artificial intelligence applications at scale, we speak to Gavin Donley, Head of Marketing at Brain Corp, about how the company is empowering organizations to automate and infuse intelligence into its core operations.

By Lauren Kania

SiFi Networks : A New Era of Evolution

As the US telecommunications industry continues to be monopolized by a handful of large corporations, SiFi Networks advocates for change. Mike Harris, co-Founder and Chairman, tells us more.

By Lily Sawyer

The New Frontier of the Digital World

Amongst the many emerging business trends for the year ahead, human interaction with technology and the subsequent cultivated advancements are sending shockwaves across the business landscape. We unpack how the human-machine interface and Web 3.0 are transforming the world as we know it.

By Lucy Pilgrim

Sphere Entertainment Co. : Redefining Live Entertainment

Sphere is a next-generation entertainment medium that is revolutionizing the future of live events. A striking addition to the Las Vegas skyline, it is also a model for renewable energy use by entertainment venues around the country.

By Jack Salter

Unlocking Digital Success: How Transforms Social Media Influence into Wealth and Opportunities

Louise Stephenson, Managing Director, talks us through the innovative approach has proven to be lucrative for influencers and has disrupted the traditional publishing industry.

By Lauren Kania

The Fourth Generation of Digital Commerce

What does a composable future mean for e-commerce? We discuss this D2C trend with Eberhardt Weber, co-Founder and CEO of the digital commerce platform, Emporix

By Lucy Pilgrim

ABB : Energy Efficient Motors

We speak to Richard Matonich, Regional Division Manager for Large Motors and Generators at ABB, about the latest decarbonization technologies.

By Marcus Kääpä

Pubinno : Introducing the Internet of Beer

Pubinno takes good beer seriously. We catch up with CEO, Can Algul, to explore the San Francisco tech start-up’s mission to clean up the beer industry.

By Phoebe Harper

Trend Report: The Rise of DeathTech

A recent start-up phenomenon, we explore how DeathTech is being deployed to simplify funeral operations, and find new and innovative ways for the bereaved to honor loved ones.

By Rachel Carr

San Francisco Police Department : Tech that Protects

Technology is being implemented by the San Francisco Police Department to keep the city safe, as outlined by Chief Information Officer, William Sanson-Mosier

By Jack Salter Tom Cullum