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42 North Dental is building on its success of supporting great practices and ensuring a legacy of excellence. We sink our teeth into the company’s success story with CEO, Geoffrey Ligibel.


Founded by two dentists upon the idea that better patient care is achieved by allowing dentists to focus on dentistry rather than the administrative burdens of running a practice, 42 North Dental is changing the game for oral healthcare. 

The initial concept that built the foundations of the business was simple: doctors who spend more time chair-side treating patients and less time on business and administrative tasks are happier, more successful, and able to produce better outcomes and experiences for patients. 40 years ago, those revolutionary ideas were the makings of Gentle Dental Partners, the previous incarnation of 42 North Dental. 

Four decades after this revolutionary idea, these fundamental principles are still honored throughout every faction of the company. 

Built by dentists, for dentists, 42 North Dental aims to continually raise the bar for what’s possible in the practice of dentistry by delivering healthy, confident smiles for life. 

“With our roots in Boston, a true healthcare hub, we are uniquely positioned to partner with preeminent healthcare solution providers to test and launch new treatments and technologies and to add new specialties and services as part of our mission to chart a bold new course for the practice of dentistry,” introduces Geoffrey Ligibel, CEO of 42 North Dental. 

“Our name refers to the latitude of Boston, where we put down roots over four decades ago. Boston is known as the “City of Firsts” where innovation, collaboration, and excellence come together, and we believe that these key building blocks are the foundation of any great healthcare organization,” he adds. 

Existing as a non-traditional dental support organization, 42 North Dental understands that the love of the profession and the business management of a practice do not always go hand-in-hand. By partnering with practices, empowering employees, and providing resources and support, the company enables dental professionals to focus on what they love and what is considered most vital – providing high-quality patient care. 

Proud to be one of the largest healthcare providers in the Northeast, today, the company exists as the largest dental care provider in New England, alongside an expanding presence in the Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic. An ever-growing and impressive footprint is made possible by 108 supported dental practices, around 300 dentists, and 1,700 total employees.   


On a global scale, and more specifically across North America, dentistry is undergoing seismic change, which promises to usher in positive and exciting developments for patients. 

As the sector continues to migrate through the digital age, 42 North Dental is an early adopter of cutting-edge technologies to enhance and drive outcomes. 

Dental practices across the globe are undergoing an unprecedented transformation thanks to the rapid adoption of cloud-based infrastructure upgrades.  

Once a sector that was slow to adopt emerging technologies, the dental industry’s new embrace of these improvements has allowed the profession to become more patient-centric, fostering greater trust, encouraging preventative care, and championing convenience and consistency. 

“The dental industry is consolidating rapidly, but the previously slower pace of digital transformation in dentistry means practices are also now more agile to adapt,” Ligibel offers.   

More than 90 percent of patients now want digitally assisted dental visits due to increased trust and transparency, and at present, 42 North Dental’s use of VideaHealth’s dental artificial intelligence (AI) technology has had a clear, measurable impact on clinical treatment for every practice. 

“AI has the potential to transform dentistry itself, and VideaHealth is a clear leader – offering the best product and partnership in the market. Thats why the technology has been rolled out in all of our supported practices,” he elaborates.


42 North Dental looks for quality, sizable practices with a strong reputation that it can enhance and build upon. However, no two practices are alike. 

“We evaluate each practice and situation on its own merit and standing, but at the core, we look to partner with the best doctors who have developed a great team and have a great story,” Ligibel explains. 

The business conducts a thorough due diligence process before evaluating whether an affiliation makes sense for the growing network. 

“When you work at a 42 North Dental supported practice, you join a network of dental professionals who share best practices, provide mentoring and support, and share a commitment to quality patient care,” he continues. 

Offering access to training and free continuing education (CE) courses and an award winning 42U Learning Management Systems with thousands of hours of self-guided learning, there are always new and exciting opportunities for career development. 

In this way, 42 North Dental currently supports over 30 differently named practices, including several multi-site group practices, all with strong brand value, and the company encourages an open dialogue with its potential and current affiliates to assess the value of maintaining an individual brand. 

Dentistry, like all of healthcare, is a local business, and therefore, 42 North Dental is embedded into the communities that it serves. This means that locals gradually get to know the team and feel cared for in the most detailed and precise way. When the company arrives in a new region, it helps add to green spaces in the area through its Planting Roots program and often sponsors local youth sports teams and supports local charities as a means of giving back. 


Moving forward, 42 North Dental has intricately constructed a focused, future-facing vision that will ensure the company continues to thrive and grow. 

“We will continue to expand with great practices throughout the geographies that we serve and are always looking for new partners that share our values, focus on clinical quality and deliver superb patient experience,” Ligibel explains. 

Key to delivering clinical quality and a stellar patient experience, is 42 North Dental’s core operational pillar of expanding its trademark multi-specialty dental model in the communities that they serve. There is a true commitment to expanding the practice of dentistry with complete oral health solutions. 

Starting in Boston before expanding to the wider Massachusetts region, 42 North Dental grew across New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, and then more recently into New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana.  

“Our vision is to develop a meaningful presence across all of these states and areas, where with our model, we have the most reputable leading dental practices that are part of our network,” he expands. 

By bringing in world-class specialists who will support the practices and by encouraging connections at the dental schools, the company is thriving in its role of being an integral pillar of its communities. 

“We’re building a culture of quality and setting benchmarks in the dental industry. That starts with our commitment to our dental community. Partnerships with organizations like Keystone Dental Group allow us to create learning tracks like our Dental Implant Fellowship and provide unparalleled access to valuable in-depth, hands-on continuing education that truly benefits our supported clinical teams, their careers, and ultimately patients,” Ligibel concludes. 

Hiring the best teams to provide the best dental care and patient experience is a winning strategy, and 42 North Dental continues to write the definition of quality in dentistry.

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