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Today, BCI Worldwide is respected as the global leader in hospitality logistics and offers complete management solutions to meet all its customers’ needs across the entire logistics spectrum of the sector. We discuss all this and more with President, Jeffrey Bulinski.


Recent years have brought a lot of excitement back to the hospitality and travel industries. After a turbulent period of distress across the sectors and thousands of hotels either going out of business or being shuttered completely because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the industry is back with a vengeance.

As seen in the last 12 months, business people and leisure enthusiasts are traveling again and doing so in record amounts. This dramatic and welcome upturn in prosperity has created the opportunity for hoteliers to move ahead with expansions or much-needed renovations to their spaces.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many hotel brands allowed for a pause on the property improvement plans required by all their franchisees to keep up with brand standards. This adjourn has since been lifted, and hotel owners are now required to bring their properties back into compliance, meaning the hospitality logistics sector is once again feeling optimistic and anticipating a busy outlook.

Additionally, the introduction and mainstreaming of the home rental market has caused the industry to adapt as well.

“What I find so amazing about the hospitality industry specifically is the resilience and adaptability to changes that come its way,” introduces Jeffrey Bulinski, President of BCI Worldwide.

“Some brands have home rental options as a part of their portfolio, but nearly all have come up with creative ways to attract the traveling public. Some have also made public spaces a collaborative environment for gathering, while others have tried to make the travel experience more like that of a home away from home,” he explains.

Back in the early 1980s, Bekins Distribution Systems (BDS) was founded in Las Vegas, as one of the first companies to focus primarily on hospitality logistics. As the Las Vegas strip continued to grow, so did BDS.

By 1999, operations had expanded throughout North America, and BDS was rebranded as Bekins Commercial Installations (BCI) Worldwide. Finally, in 2010, the company opened its first Asian branch in Macau to complete the Sands Cotai Central, the largest one-time hospitality construction project ever completed in Asia.


BCI Worldwide is the global leader in hospitality logistics and offers a wide range of value-added services for its customers in the hospitality, gaming, shipping, and construction industries.

From freight forward management to final installation, BCI Worldwide has a team of experts that can handle any shipping request and the entire lifecycle of any hotel or commercial pre-opening or renovation project.

“We were founded 40 years ago with an emphasis on serving the hospitality industry.  Through the years, our primary services have included transportation, warehousing, installation, and overall project management,” Bulinski tells us.

“In addition to these core services, we have also assisted with the removal, liquidation, disposal, and recycling of retired assets, as well as asset inventories and management, consulting services related to the logistics industry, being an overall vital resource to our clients, prospects, supply chain partners, and the industry in general,” he adds.

Our network of 17+ sister locations, along with the vast experience and expertise of our staff and diverse partnerships, will give us the ability to traverse the growing needs of most commercial clients

Jeffrey Bulinski, President, BCI Worldwide

In this way, BCI Worldwide provides assistance and guidance relative to best practices and ensures projects are successful.

In a crowded market of companies that perform services for the hospitality industry, where most rely on the use of third-party warehouse providers to help with their local storage and moving needs, BCI Worldwide employs a slightly alternative approach.

While the company conducts these services, BCI Worldwide also has a sister company called BMS Moving and Storage that owns and operates 17 state-of-the-art warehouses nationwide that it can call upon to expand its network even further.

At present, BCI Worldwide owns offices in Asia (Macau, Hong Kong, and Singapore) with expansion plans to open an office in a market with the ultimate goal of helping provide clients with a dependable, steadfast solution, while still maintaining the company’s reliable standards of excellence.


BCI Worldwide is currently immersed in numerous projects in support of the gaming and hospitality industries, not just in the Las Vegas area, but worldwide, including its physical locations like Macau and Singapore. 

Elsewhere, Seminole Gaming has provided BCI Worldwide with multiple high-profile projects. 

“One of these previous higher profile projects includes the Hard Rock Guitar Hotel in Hollywood, Florida,” Bulinski expands.

Additionally, BCI Worldwide recently completed the installations of the new, high-profile, world-renowned Fontainebleau Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as the beautiful Sunseeker Resort in Charlotte Harbor, Florida.

“Internationally, we more than hold our own. We continue to do work at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore; and the Parisian, Wynn Palace, and Sands Cotai projects in Macau,” he confirms.

Furthermore, BCI Worldwide is resolutely set on achieving its goal to enhance the hospitality industry and is currently working on several multi-tenant and healthcare projects. Ultimately, the company believes that every project is as important as the next, regardless of the name, size, or location.

As an example, while smaller than those mentioned above, BCI Worldwide also has several projects ranging in room sizes from 30 to 400 rooms that will act as new or refreshed ‘jewels’ in their local communities once completed.

“We have many new, exciting projects either currently starting or in the very near future. Some of these include the L’Auberge Hotel in Lake Charles, Louisiana, as well as the Margaritaville project in Bossier City, several large thousands of room renovation projects in Las Vegas, and The Marina Bay Sands project in Singapore.”


While 2023 was a fantastic year for BCI Worldwide, the company is still looking forward to increasing its performance internationally across the rest of 2024.

“The global COVID-19 pandemic continued to affect our overseas operations, with many jurisdictions only lifting restrictions late in 2023. However, the positive news is that the activity in North America continues to strengthen and grow, which should allow us to positively increase our performance,” Bulinski enthuses.

 BCI Worldwide looks to expand its global footprint, increase its share of freight volume, and grow its supply chain network even further. 

“Our focus for many years has been on providing services for the gaming industry, which has typically meant large, upscale projects. While we will continue to perform services for this important market segment, we will also be expanding to the travel, leisure, and entertainment markets,” he elaborates. 

Similarly, BCI Worldwide has already been awarded and involved in projects in several outdoor, exercise-focused travel destinations. Furthermore, the company is working with numerous other businesses for a diverse blend of projects in locations that vary from metropolitan to beachfront.

Elsewhere, BCI Worldwide is always looking at additional markets, such as its future expansion into the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as well as a warehouse expansion with its sister company, BMS Moving and Storage, to better serve its customers.

By constantly investing in enhancements to its proprietary software, BCI Worldwide can now handle any scope of work that its clients bring to the table. “As we continue to grow our brand, as well as our national and global capabilities, we will look to expand into other markets outside of the hospitality industry. Our network of 17+ sister locations, along with the vast experience and expertise of our staff and diverse partnerships, will give us the ability to traverse the growing needs of most commercial clients,” Bulinski finishes proudly.


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