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Storage Solutions Simple, Smart, Strategic

A company built to deliver the right result, every time, Storage Solutions is an industry leader in material handling storage and automation system integration. We speak to Nathan Storey, CEO and President, to find out more.


Beginning in 1978 with nothing more than a humble office in Carmel, Indiana, and a desire to revolutionize the supply chain sector, Storage Solutions has witnessed the industry evolve rapidly over the past 46 years, working with its clients and suppliers to adapt alongside it.

Having grown to become a leader in integrating material handling and automation solutions for warehouses, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers, Storage Solutions has demonstrated its ability to adapt, evolve, and grow to meet its customers’ dynamic needs, all while expanding its operations across the entirety of the US.

Nathan Storey, CEO and President of Storage Solutions, began his career in sales fresh out of college in 2006, immediately falling in love with the industry and its diverse set of clients.

“The amount of innovation happening has always been extremely exciting, especially with our customers’ needs continuously changing and evolving,” he opens.

“We have to continue to push the limit with faster deliveries, more throughput ways to optimize material flow within warehouses, and stay up to date with the current technologies and trends.”

Having viewed Storage Solutions and its clients through a variety of lenses for nearly two decades, Storey was appointed CEO and President in July of 2023 and intends to utilize this leadership position to march the company toward its vision of implementing smart solutions for businesses’ warehouse spaces without surprises.

Nathan Storey, CEO and President, Storage Solutions

It’s that deep-rooted partnership we have with our clients and long-term relationships with our suppliers that separates us from the competition.

Nathan Storey, CEO and President, Storage Solutions

Committed to being a trusted partner that guides companies through every step of a project’s lifecycle, Storage Solutions utilizes a holistic approach to deliver turnkey services  and develop an array of solutions to fit companies’ unique facility needs, budgets, and timelines.

Whether a project is 2,000 square feet (sqft) or two million, its team is equipped with the right expertise and experience to get the job done.


Built with a growth mindset, Storage Solutions has paved the way in material handling and automation integration and continues to grow in size, skill, and scope of capabilities with its team of seasoned experts who collaborate and partner with distribution and fulfillment operations throughout North America.

“We are a pure integrator in every sense of the word, meaning we don’t make any products, and we rely on partnerships with both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)  and our customers,” expands Storey.

“Any type of project-based business, storage racking, shelving, or automation is what we do, as well as providing engineering services to help companies with material flow design.”

Automation, in particular, is a vast and extremely topical theme within the industry at the moment.

Many companies are looking for creative ways to handle increased demand and guarantee their facilities are running as efficiently as possible whilst ensuring that the plan they have in place will sustain continued growth.

Storage Solutions has proven itself to be an expert in warehouse automation, offering strategies to work with customers’ existing operations and techniques, as well as introducing new technology to ensure businesses accomplish their throughput goals.

The company’s philosophy is to use automation solutions to eliminate as much walking and forklift travel as possible for warehouses, fulfillment centers, and distribution centers, as these are the most costly and least reliable functions in a given facility.

“Automation is huge; it gives us the ability to satisfy some of the biggest challenges in the workforce right now, and we’re able to provide solutions that are all-encompassing, from pallet shuttle to conveyor and sortation to goods-to-person solutions to robotic arms and more,” emphasizes Storey.

In a time when technological advances are so rapid it can feel like a relentless battle to keep up with the progress, Storage Solutions is proud to provide data-driven automated warehouse fulfillment solutions to increase businesses’ productivity.


It’s no secret that customer demand is changing, and the company is evolving to address these challenges with a commonsense approach that highlights a foundation of trust between the team and its clients.

“We look at everything from a partnership mindset. We want to get in with clients and work alongside them because we have the same objectives,” explains Storey. 

“Our goal is to collaborate and make sure that we understand where a company is today and ultimately where it wants to be in the future.”

This environment of trust allows clients to feel confident that Storage Solutions’ expertise can help them find the answers to the most unique needs with the flexibility to scale as an operation grows.

Additionally, this approach means that the company can seamlessly develop and design the optimal solution no matter the scenario, whether it is starting up a new facility, adapting to a change in demand, or even relocating a client’s operations.

“It can be a challenge, but our company is one that enjoys helping customers solve these problems. That is what we build our business on – overcoming customers’ pains alongside them,” enthuses Storey.

“We don’t just put a bandage on something for a quick fix; we strive to be the solution that lasts well into the future.”

Taking the initiative to consistently research and stay on top of innovations in the industry is what makes Storage Solutions unique, and the family-like customer service and dedication toward finding the optimal solution for every situation is what truly sets the company apart from the rest.


Having recently embarked on transformative ventures, including being acquired by renowned German intralogistics pioneer, Jungheinrich AG, Storage Solutions is bolstering the size, breadth, and expertise of its team and comprehensive suite of warehouse solutions as the company looks toward the future.

“We want to be the smart, strategic resource for our partners, looking at not only  the challenges that are being faced today, but the future issues that can be tackled right now,” insights Storey. 

With expansive goals for the imminent future, Storage Solutions is particularly excited about the opportunities that the supply chain industry is expected to present, as it is anticipated that companies are going to continue to expand their footprints and look for ways to deliver goods faster and more accurately.

“We’re excited about all of the opportunities with our current and future clients and helping them overcome challenges and achieve company objectives,” he continues.

In addition to the ambitious goals that Storage Solutions is ready to face head-on, it is focusing on empowering the staff who work daily to contribute to a history of long-standing success.

“Our employees are our number one asset. They are on the front lines and are, ultimately, the face of our company,” explains Storey.

Ensuring that Storage Solutions’ mission of embodying a partnership mentality is embraced by every team member, the company provides training and continuous opportunities for improvement to allow its staff to grow into confident leaders within their respective fields.

With this mindset, Storage Solutions aligns to create successful outcomes for its teams, projects, and clients. Once aligned, this creates an environment where mistakes, weaknesses, and areas of improvement can be identified without fear of repercussions.

“We have built a strong culture around our core values and our purpose as a company. We have a very low employee turnover because every person buys into the vision we believe in, the environment we provide, and the success we achieve working cohesively together,” concludes Storey.


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