Workhorse : Growing the Stable

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Workhorse Group : Growing the Stable

Through reliability, capability, and sustainability, Workhorse is creating game-changing electric vehicles, as well as adding to an array of electric solutions designed for people who love nothing more than getting things done.


The shift to electrification in the automotive industry is nothing short of a generational change.

Workhorse is excited to be one of the pioneers on the commercial side of this innovative new equation and is committed to making sure that it has the best, safest electric vehicles (EVs) in the marketplace for last-mile delivery.

This refers to the very last step of the delivery process when a parcel is moved from a transportation hub to its final destination, which is usually a personal residence or retail store.

Last-mile delivery is widely considered the most critical stage in the delivery process, and the one that businesses such as Workhorse want to ensure is as quick and efficient as possible. This is also a top priority in order to keep up with the continually increasing consumer demand for speedy shipping, especially in the e-commerce, food, and retail industries.

On the other hand, it is also normally the most expensive leg of the journey that items take to reach their final destination.


As an American original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Workhorse designs and builds high-performance battery electric vehicles (BEVs), including trucks and aircraft.

The company also develops cloud-based, real-time telematics performance monitoring systems that are fully integrated with its vehicles and enable fleet operators to optimize energy and route efficiency. All Workhorse vehicles are designed to make the movement of people and goods more efficient and less harmful to the environment.

With more than 150 years of combined automotive experience, it is the company’s vision to pioneer the transition to zero-emission commercial vehicles as the culmination of over a century of expertise and innovation.

In the last 15 years, the business has begun its journey in experimenting with battery powered roadsters. After the success of the Saturn Sky model, it began creating electrification packages for SUVs with brands like Chevrolet, Jeep, and Mercedes. Then, it went even bigger.

Workhorse’s first ever 100 percent electric-powered delivery van arrived in August 2012, and the company hasn’t looked back since, remaining fully focused on creating electric solutions for trucks, drones, infrastructure, software, and more, changing the way the world gets to work.

Made with durable EV components and intuitive technical features, Workhorse’s trucks and drones are engineered to make every job smarter, safer, and more productive.

Whether by road or air, the company’s fleet can help handle today’s needs with an eye on tomorrow’s demands.


The company’s drone division, Workhorse Aero, is a major investment focus and growth opportunity.

With the overarching goal of going above and beyond, Workhorse is galloping into the future of drone delivery with its unmanned aerial systems. Strong, rugged, reliable, and safe, the entire range of electric drones can be fully integrated with the company’s fleet of vehicles.

Designed for automatic flight, these delivery drones feature low-impact profiles and a proprietary universal mounting plate. Along with convenient winch delivery and retrieval, Workhorse’s drones provide impressive payload capacities and flight ranges, making them the ideal tools for last-mile delivery from the skies.

With high-tech HD cameras and built-in light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensors, the company’s drones allow for the capture of high-quality video and images to support intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. Paired with Workhorse’s proprietary software, its drone solutions provide clients with the data to take their business even higher.

Workhorse Aero believes that flight is the future. Tasked with answering the question of how companies can improve efficiency and save costs in the face of a growing delivery industry, it believes that the answer lies overhead.

Furthermore, commercial delivery drones allow businesses to expand their fleets to the skies while simultaneously optimizing their logistics operations.

These innovative creations allow the delivery of a 10 pound (lb) package from point A to point B while spending 95 percent less on fuel than a medium-duty diesel truck, meaning Workhorse’s clients can also cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 84 percent when choosing to embrace this new, environmentally-friendly delivery method. 

Now boasting world-class manufacturing capabilities, the division’s new aero facility in Mason, Ohio (OH), hosts an amazing team of aerospace professionals building quality commercial drones to elevate any fleet. R&D, operations, and manufacturing for Workhorse Aero are all housed in this state-of-the-art, 75,000 square foot (sqft) facility.

Workhorse Aero’s multi-aircraft capabilities rise above the competition by allowing the coordination and operation of multiple drones from one hub to many destinations.


Workhorse has also grown to accommodate three other major facilities, starting with the company’s headquarters in Sharonville, OH, which is home to its hard-working corporate, engineering, and software development teams.

Elsewhere, in Union City, Indiana, the Workhorse Ranch is a 410,000 sqft facility where every vehicle in the company’s all-electric fleet is assembled and quality-tested.

Finally, in Wixom, Michigan, the company’s engineering and technical design center is the birthplace of breakthroughs and innovations for Workhorse’s automotive powertrains.

As well as its engineering and manufacturing facilities, the company has developed Stables by Workhorse, an all-in-one, turnkey EV maintenance hub and fleet charging infrastructure solution.

Stables by Workhorse provides independent fleet owners who want to electrify their vehicles with access to charging stations during the day or overnight at a competitive price, without the need for capital investment in charging infrastructure.

Stables by Workhorse also offers worry-free maintenance with dedicated EV service experts available for clients’ fleets. As experts in electrification, the initiative also provides support and guidance for fleet transition, including how to optimize infrastructure to take advantage of the benefits of electrification immediately.

Every Stables by Workhorse location also features meeting rooms, free Wi-Fi, and amenities such as fully functioning kitchens to act as a satellite location for client operations. To date, the company’s innovative and advanced technology, including its Stables by Workhorse locations and drone delivery, continues to position the company at the forefront of the electric solutions spectrum.


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