Latest Manufacturing sector corporate stories from across North America.

Manufacturing Corporate Stories

QinetiQ Target Systems : Navigating a Complex Threat Environment

Protecting the national security interests of customers, QinetiQ Target Systems delivers industry-leading solutions designed and developed for threat replication, military operational training, and weapon system tests and evaluations.

Nexus RV : Building Your Dream

Manufacturing superior motorhomes and operating through a network of first-class dealers, it is no wonder Nexus RV has emerged as the fastest-growing motorhome company in the US.

Arrowquip : Equipped to Handle Cattle

From chutes to custom cattle working systems and pens, Arrowquip has been creating best-in-class livestock equipment since 1988. The company’s executive team come together to tell us more.

CPI Aero, Inc. : First-Rate Aerospace Assembly and Integration

Combining a small business company culture with global corporate capabilities, CPI Aero, Inc. is diligently solving the needs of North America’s defense and commercial aerospace sectors. We find out more from members of the business’s senior leadership team.

Yakima Products Inc. : Designed for Adventure

Allowing customers to focus on what matters most – the thrill of the outdoors – Yakima Products Inc. has a proud history of providing trusted solutions that transform the way people travel and enjoy the open road.

Dorsey Trailer : A Trailblazing Journey

For generations, skilled artisans have brought the Dorsey Trailer dream to life. Today, the company’s illustrious history enables it to go from strength to strength with durable product lines meeting the demands of the road every time.

Unison : Pioneering Innovation in Aerospace and Beyond

With over 40 years of experience in the ever-evolving aerospace industry, Unison stands out as a leader of innovation and reliability.

By Jack Salter

Lockheed Martin : Ahead of Ready

Identifying, tracking, and dealing with threats is imperative in national defense. Chandra Marshall, Vice President and General Manager of Lockheed Martin Radar and Sensor Systems, details how the company is at the forefront of threat detection.

Resonac Graphite Business Unit : The Power of Chemistry

Resonac Graphite Business Unit leverages sustainable production processes and a robust continuity framework to present a comprehensive product and service offering to the steelmaking industry.

Aerosonic : Avionics Precision, Accuracy, and Support

Since last speaking to Aerosonic, the company has progressed in its provision of complete air data systems to meet the demands of the biggest aerospace organizations.