What is your greatest success story of initiating change within your company?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

We asked four contributing business leaders – What is your greatest success story of initiating change within your company?

E. Jean Savage, President and CEO, Trinity Industries, Inc.

“It is rather the greatest success story of my team – going through the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and setting a new strategy whilst reorganizing the company with new leaders. We made a lot of changes that year and we were able to do that whilst bringing the people along with us. We focused, came together as a team, and we bought everyone along with us.” 

Johan Andreassen, Co-founder and CEO, Atlantic Sapphire

“Change is part of our DNA. We are a disruptive company and are changing the way conventional salmon is farmed; we believe that by pioneering Bluehouse™ salmon farming locally in the United States, we can transform protein production globally. In order to achieve that goal during our growth, we need to stay agile, learn from our mistakes, always look for better solutions and keep on innovating every day.   

“The greatest success is our team, how they have learnt our disruptive technology and processes and how they are adhering to our core values. When the team has faced operational challenges, the organization has showed a willingness to change and adapt to a completely new organizational structure.”

Kristin Mathers, Chief Human Resources Officer, Commercial Vehicle Group, Inc.

“Although I haven’t been with the company long, it’s an incredible success every time that we change something. I tell my team that this could be one small change, it doesn’t have to be some huge thing, but as long as we are comfortable in changing and evolving with the world around us – not because we have to, but because we want to. We are open to change, and evolution is arguably the biggest success this team has had in the past seven months.”

Rodney Harvey, Senior Vice President, Curtain Wall Design and Consulting, Inc.

“CDC’s greatest success story is its transformation from a single office into an international company. As CDC’s business grew, staff were spending more and more time on the road to service our expanding client base…This decision has been successful at many levels, not only did it put us in closer proximity to our clients to better serve them, but it also enriched the company by providing new viewpoints and perspectives as well as understanding of the local markets we are serving.”

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