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San Francisco PD : Tech that Protects

Technology is being implemented by the San Francisco Police Department to keep the city safe, as outlined by Chief Information Officer, William Sanson-Mosier

Jack Salter Tom Cullum By Jack Salter Tom Cullum

Switch Health : Healthcare, Delivered

Healthcare is evolving. We take a look at Switch Health, the Canadian health technology player enabling accessibility across the country, and speak to executive members of the company helping to guide forward a 21-century view of healthcare

Marcus Kääpä Felix Revell By Marcus Kääpä Felix Revell

Plastic Ingenuity Inc. : Ingenuity in the DNA

Evolving from a small-shop operation into one of the largest thermoforming companies in the world, Plastic Ingenuity is the ultimate expert in packaging solutions. We find out more with Chief Revenue Officer, Sakif Ferdous

Ed Budds David Knott By Ed Budds David Knott

PACCAR : Women take the Wheel

Putting the pedal to the metal on gender diversity in the North American trucking industry.

Phoebe Harper Tom Cullum By Phoebe Harper Tom Cullum

Cyxtera Technologies : Deeply Connected Data

Cyxtera Technologies is helping innovative enterprises to increase agility and accelerate growth. We delve into the global data centre platform with Senior Vice President and Field CTO, Holland Barry.

Jack Salter Yamin Khan By Jack Salter Yamin Khan

PowerSecure Inc. : Securing a Bright Future

In the dynamic US energy space, PowerSecure Inc. stands as a leader in distributed energy solutions. We speak to CDO Eric Dupont about the microgrids energizing customers across the country.

Marcus Kääpä Tom McConnell By Marcus Kääpä Tom McConnell

Trinity Industries : Rail, Revolutionized

Safe, economic, and sustainable, rail is the undisputed leader of land transportation. At the vanguard of modern rail solutions and freight innovation, we hit the railroads with the Executive Team behind Trinity Industries, Inc.

Phoebe Harper Tom Cullum By Phoebe Harper Tom Cullum

Commercial Vehicle Group : Vehicle for Change

Driven by innovation, engineered to perfection. We speak to the executive team at Commercial Vehicle Group about diversifying the future of manufacturing

Jack Salter David Knott By Jack Salter David Knott

WinCup : The First, Best, and Final Straw

WinCup is the foodservice manufacturer producing world-firsts for the industry. We peel back the lid on the innovative company with President and Chief Revenue Officer Michael Winters

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper