Ecologi : Embracing Earth Day

Phoebe Harper
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Putting climate action at your fingertips, Ecologi is the accessible platform championing impactful solutions to compensate your carbon footprint.


Tackling the climate crisis has never been more accessible.

Based in the UK but with a global mission, Ecologi is the start-up empowering both individuals and businesses to take action in supporting climate solutions through a simple monthly subscription.

By signing up to the Ecologi platform, individuals can compensate their carbon footprint, fund climate projects and set eco-goals, all of which are captured on your profile. Centered entirely on transparency, the platform provides a clear and detailed paper trail of where exactly your money is directed. This includes evidence of carbon reduction through carbon offset certificates, and purchase receipts that provide proof of tree planting.

To mark this Earth Day 2022, the company has teamed up with iconic entrepreneur and host of top-ranking podcast ‘The Diary of a CEO’ Steven Bartlett, to remind both businesses and individuals of the pressing need to take action.

“As an organization, for every new Ecologi subscriber on Earth Day we will plant 100 trees”

Ian Hambleton, co-founder, Ecologi

Measuring its business success in impact, Ecologi champions the overriding ambition of reducing half the world’s projected emissions by 2040. As Earth Day urges us all to invest in our planet, we catch up with Ecologi and co-founder Ian Hambleton, to find out more.

Through Ecologi, how can pocket change contribute to tackling the global climate crisis?

Ian Hambleton, co-founder (IH): For as little as the price of a cup of coffee, users can offset their carbon footprint, fund global climate projects and set environmental goals for themselves. Through collective action, we have been able to plant over 39 million trees and reduce over 1.7 million tons of CO2 to date.

How does your platform empower users to take collective action?

IH: Ecologi’s mission is to make climate action accessible to everyone. Sourcing the world’s most effective climate solutions and enabling individuals and businesses to easily fund these through the Ecologi platform removes one of the biggest barriers (confusion about where to direct their money) that people face when they decide they want to do something to help the planet. By providing both businesses and individuals with the tools to amplify and quantify their contributions beyond their own carbon footprints, they’re able to make an impact that feels tangible and significant. This, we feel, provides all of our subscribers with a sense of agency and the opportunity to join our community, regardless of their budget. Through the Collective Action resource on our website, subscribers can also track the broader impact their community is having in the fight against climate change.

What action do you encourage people to take this Earth Day 2022?

IH: One of the most effective things businesses can do this Earth Day is to engage their own communities in climate action by either contributing to a carbon offsetting project or planting trees for every product sold, or for every customer that completes an online survey or signs up for a newsletter. For example, as an organization, for every new Ecologi subscriber on Earth Day we will plant 100 trees. From a consumer perspective, you can sign up to a climate action platform, set yourself personal climate goals, or even just use the occasion to start a discussion about climate change with your friends, family or colleagues. A simple conversation could lead to a lifetime of climate action.

Looking ahead, what are Ecologi’s key priorities for the coming year? Are there any plans for expansion?

IH: We want to become the first port-of-call for climate action for both businesses and individuals. From a numerical perspective, we anticipate the 100,000 trees we plant each day will increase to 300,000. We also hope to reduce a further four million tonnes of CO2 via carbon reduction projects. 

“Through collective action, we have been able to plant over 39 million trees and reduce over 1.7 million tons of CO2 to date”

Ian Hambleton, co-founder, Ecologi
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