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North America Outlook Magazine features exclusive interviews with Executive Vice President’s from leading organisations across North America.

Hy-Tek Intralogistics : The Future of Logistics

The supply chain sector is continually evolving to fulfill the demands of growing online retail and e-commerce. We speak to the executive team at Hy-Tek Intralogistics and take a look at the company delivering automated solutions to companies across the US supply chain space

Marcus Kääpä David Knott By Marcus Kääpä David Knott

CIPCO : Powering the Hawkeye State

Safe, reliable and affordable electricity for member-owners in Iowa.

Jack Salter Tom McConnell By Jack Salter Tom McConnell

What is your greatest motivator at work?

We asked featured business leaders of issue 11, "What is your greatest motivator at work?"

Ed Budds By Ed Budds

Trinity Industries : Rail, Revolutionized

Safe, economic, and sustainable, rail is the undisputed leader of land transportation. At the vanguard of modern rail solutions and freight innovation, we hit the railroads with the Executive Team behind Trinity Industries, Inc.

Phoebe Harper Tom Cullum By Phoebe Harper Tom Cullum

Wynright Corporation : The Masters of Material Handling

Operating beneath the banner of Daifuku North America, we talk to Cory Flemings, Executive Vice President of Sales at Wynright Corporation, about the company supplying solutions in the material handling industry

Marcus Kääpä Tom Cullum By Marcus Kääpä Tom Cullum

U.S. Energy Development Corporation : Energy at the Fore

Looking into the North American energy space, we spoke to U.S. Energy Development Corporation’s executive team about the firm placing its employees and investors at the front and center of operations

Haffner’s : Fueling New England

Haffner’s and Energy North have been energizing communities throughout New England for almost a century with their car washes, gas stations, convenience stores and delivery services. We caught up with Pat O’Connell, Executive Vice President of Haffner’s parent company, Energy North Group, following a decade of expansion

Phoebe Harper David Knott By Phoebe Harper David Knott

The Race to Net Zero

Doug Longobardi, Executive Vice President and e-commerce expert of Asendia USA, examines how we can cut carbon out of the e-commerce supply chain.

Guest Author By Guest Author