What or who has been a source of inspiration for you during your career?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

We asked three contributing business leaders – What or who has been a source of inspiration for you during your career?

Steve Wadhams, President, Wadhams Enterprises

“For my brother Rick and I, there have been a number of people that have been influential in our careers. Without the backing of our wives and families, achieving goals are difficult so they have been a key inspiration for us. 

“Without the love for them, the strives for success are meaningless. I also think much of our inspiration comes from the people we work with. Our business isn’t an easy one and to see how dedicated and hard-working our employees are certainly motivates us. We don’t want to let them down. In business you also develop many friends both in and outside the industry. All of these relationships become points of inspiration for us to feed off and drive us to new levels. But I would say the most inspirational for us would be examples set by our parents.  

“My mother Alice Wadhams and our father Earl “Red” Wadhams both worked very hard and were smart. My mum kept the household in order and many times not only fed the family but also fed employees during snowstorms that were working long hours. My dad would never ask anyone to do something he wouldn’t do and worked long hours. He was respected and regarded as a fair and honest businessman. He taught us the business from the ground up.”

Ryan Clancy, Managing Director, Martin Bencher Canada

“The industry itself and the opportunities that arise within it are inspiring. I find that travel is a large part of my inspiration, and as the Martin Bencher family has grown across the world, the benefits of travel are that I get to visit all these different parts of the world. I find that this has inspired me throughout my career.” 

Matthew Iak, Executive VP, U.S. Energy Development Corporation

“We have had great mentors around us. My greatest mentors in my life were the founders of our company, my father-in-law and mother-in-law. In their own unique ways they have both influenced me in every way possible even before my career with them at this company. 

“There were also my original mentors on Wall Street, and every day I think about the lessons they taught me, and finally our company mantra itself. We operate under the practice of internalizing investments and educating and training employees whenever we can, because our employees are so important to the company.”

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