What is your greatest motivator at work?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

We asked four contributing business leaders – What is your greatest motivator at work?

Chad Johnson, President and CEO, ADB Companies

“My greatest motivator at work is the team surrounding me. ADB is as much of a people business as it is anything else and being able to help people grow and flourish drives me to work hard and give everything I have every day. It sounds a bit cliché, but I truly view the ADB team (A-Team) as family. A lot of our leaders have been with the company for many years, and we’ve been through a lot together as we’ve grown this company from a handful of employees to more than 1,500 in a short time. I’ve had the opportunity to watch people grow from laborers to leaders and I’ve been able to help them get through rough patches and be successful in tough times.” 

Andy Kratky, CEO, Emerald Textiles

“It is the plans and strategies we create that encompass the major points of business, from supporting our customers to supporting our employees and partners, that remains one of the largest motivators for me. This envelops our company mission and all the people that we have an impact on, be they customers and the patients in healthcare facilities, or the families of our employees. This support and positive impact is our key motivation.”

Amandeep Kaler, CEO, Avcorp 

“For me, the biggest motivator is seeing the complex products that we make and then delivering them to become a part of a large commercial or defence aircraft. When our employees see those products performing anywhere, we feel really proud and that’s what motivates us to continue doing the work we’re doing. It is seeing how our customers are supporting us, or the recognition we receive when we deliver a good product, which is reflected by the performance awards we have received from our customers for the past six years in a row. All these things are a huge motivator.”  

Bill Cherrier, Executive Vice President and CEO, CIPCO 

“The changing industry is a motivator. I’m constantly challenged to develop new ways to bring cost-effective renewables into the energy portfolio. The opportunity to increase generation diversity while reducing costs is inspiring.”

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