Read Corporate Stories and Industry Insights from Issue 02 of North America Outlook Magazine, the B2B magazine for North America.

Issue 02 Corporate Stories and Industry Insights.

PACCAR : A New Frontier

Representing the latest in trucking transport in the US. We spoke to Debra Poppas, VP of Global Quality at PACCAR, about the company’s progressive mission to place innovation, sustainability, and people-centric values at the forefront of business

Marcus Kääpä Tom Cullum By Marcus Kääpä Tom Cullum

Keytronic : Mitigating Disruption in Manufacturing

Despite global disruption, Craig Gates, President and CEO of Keytronic, reflects on the evolution of the manufacturing industry over the past decade

David Knott By David Knott

Bar Louie – “Eat. Drink. Be Happy.”

The food and beverage industry has been one of the worst hit by the impact of COVID-19. We spoke to Tom Fricke, CEO of Bar Louie, about the company’s community-centric services and initiatives during the difficult pandemic period

Alabama Power : Energizing Alabama

As Alabama Power evolves from its visionary roots over a century ago, CEO of Alabama Power Mark Crosswhite talks community engagement, tackling the digital divide, and championing diversity in the workplace

Phoebe Harper David Knott By Phoebe Harper David Knott

ELM Companies : A Utility Transformation

With evolution at the fore, executives at ELM Companies discuss the company’s journey over the past two decades

David Knott By David Knott

Expediter Services : Transformative Trucking

Jason Williams, President of Expediter Services, showcases what makes his organization different from competitors

Tom Cullum By Tom Cullum

Genie Energy : Powering America

New Jersey-based Genie Energy talks solar solutions, savings and spearheading America’s Clean Energy Revolution

Phoebe Harper David Knott By Phoebe Harper David Knott

Knichel Logistics : Millions of Miles

Over the past few decades, Knichel Logistics has gone from being a small, family-owned business to a multi-million dollar logistics powerhouse

Ed Budds Tom Cullum By Ed Budds Tom Cullum

Magna Imperio Systems : Solving the Water Crisis

Water, Sustainability, Energy, Magna Imperio Systems

Marcus Kääpä David Knott By Marcus Kääpä David Knott

Subterra Renewables : The Sustainability Solution

Greener building solutions are on the rise. We spoke to Matthew Tokarik, Vice President, and Jessica Rowe Bald, Vice President of Sales, at Subterra Renewables, about the firm answering the demand in the North American energy and construction sector

Marcus Kääpä David Knott By Marcus Kääpä David Knott