Jack Salter

Head of Editorial
59 Business Articles

Hardy Diagnostics : Improving Health Together

Employee ownership has fostered a highly motivated “culture of service” at Hardy Diagnostics. President, Jay Hardy, discusses disease diagnosis and prevention

By Jack Salter Felix Revell

Robison Oil : The Home of Comfort

Heating and cooling households for more than a century, Robison Oil continues to explore alternative energy sources for the home.

By Jack Salter David Knott

Commonwealth of Virginia : Virginia’s Technological Future

Through the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA), tech is revolutionizing the public sector in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

By Jack Salter Tom Cullum

Piloting the Recovery

As aviation bounces back from COVID-19, there remains a looming pilot crisis. We speak to Espen Høiby, CEO of AAP Aviation, about crew management in a post-pandemic world.

By Jack Salter

Ranger Energy Services : Rangers of the Oilfield

Mark Haubert, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, tells us how Ranger Energy Services is providing exactly that.

By Jack Salter David Knott

Rosina Food Products : Real Italian Goodness

We speak to the executive team at Rosina Food Products, Inc., whose flair for Italian food is thriving in Buffalo, NY

By Jack Salter Tom Cullum

Rubellite Energy : Energy Gemstone

Newly-formed Rubellite Energy is the latest jewel in the Clearwater crown, as President and CEO, Sue Rose, informs us

By Jack Salter David Knott

Paraco Gas : The Power of Propane

Powered by family ownership for three generations, the executive team at Paraco Gas reflects on the past, present and future of propane in the US

By Jack Salter David Knott

1Path : Path to Technological Excellence

At the frontline of new IT trends, Luca Jacobellis, President of 1Path, paves the way to helping organizations navigate technology with confidence

By Jack Salter David Knott