Issue 7

Central Arkansas Water : Lifeblood of the Natural State

CEO of Central Arkansas Water, Tad Bohannon, discusses creativity and innovation in safeguarding the state’s most precious asset for future generations

Phoebe HarperDavid Knott By Phoebe Harper David Knott

South Jersey Industries : Committing to Clean Energy

Sustainability is at the forefront of South Jersey Industries. We speak to Michael Renna, President and CEO, about facilitating renewable energy solutions and the company’s focus on the community

Marcus KääpäDavid Knott By Marcus Kääpä David Knott

Powin : Storing the Energy of Tomorrow

Sending currents across the energy sector, Senior Vice President of Powin, Danny Lu, explores safe and scalable battery energy storage solutions

Phoebe HarperDavid Knott By Phoebe Harper David Knott

Paraco Gas : The Power of Propane

Powered by family ownership for three generations, the executive team at Paraco Gas reflects on the past, present and future of propane in the US

Jack SalterDavid Knott By Jack Salter David Knott

SunGrid Solutions : Riding the Solar Coaster

Providing better energy for tomorrow, SunGrid Solutions is accelerating North America’s ‘Energy Revolution’

Phoebe HarperDavid Knott By Phoebe Harper David Knott

Bell and Howell : The New Age of Convenience

Encompassing innovation and flexibility with world-class training capabilities and industrial automation services, we speak with CEO of Bell and Howell, Larry Blue

Phoebe HarperYamin Khan By Phoebe Harper Yamin Khan

NuWave Communications : Cloud Automation Transforming Telecommunications

Connection has never been so important. Operating at the head of cloud telecommunication solutions, we take a look at NuWave Communications, and speak to Mark Bunnell, Co-Founder and COO, to learn more

Marcus KääpäYamin Khan By Marcus Kääpä Yamin Khan

1Path : Path to Technological Excellence

At the frontline of new IT trends, Luca Jacobellis, President of 1Path, paves the way to helping organizations navigate technology with confidence

Jack SalterYamin Khan By Jack Salter Yamin Khan

Lödige USA : Smart Automation Built to Last

We speak to Jonathan Hardy, Managing Director of Lödige USA, about the company at the head of streamlining the supply chain, and its solutions for material handling across the US

Marcus KääpäTom Cullum By Marcus Kääpä Tom Cullum

GAT Airline Ground Support : Advancing Airline Support

Adding an extra layer to airport safety, we take a look at GAT Airline Ground Support and speak to CEO, Mike Hough, about technological developments in the space

Marcus KääpäTom Cullum By Marcus Kääpä Tom Cullum

City of Kelowna Uncovered

From ‘peaches and beaches’ to a progressive sustainable city, we examine the dynamic growth of the City of Kelowna with City Manager, Doug Gilchrist

Phoebe HarperTom Cullum By Phoebe Harper Tom Cullum

The Creative Engagement Group : Lessons Learned in 2021

As the year draws to a close, Russ Lidstone, Group CEO of The Creative Engagement Group, reflects on the lessons learned and forecasts what’s ahead

Russ Lidstone By Russ Lidstone

Topical Focus – Adapting for the New Year

We take a look at the impact of COVID-19 on sectors and businesses across the US, and the necessity of investments for the future

Marcus Kääpä By Marcus Kääpä

Delivering Christmas

The 2021 festive season faces unparalleled logistical hurdles in the wake of COVID-19.

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper

Industry Disruptors

4Earth is the dynamic Atlanta-based tech start-up redefining water treatment. CEO, engineerand entrepreneur Jahanzeb Khan, discusses innovating an industry.

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper

What qualities are needed to succeed as a businessperson in your field?

We asked contributing business leaders to give us the final word in issue 7.

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