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QM Environmental : Restoring Land and Water

Canada is a green nation of green thinkers. Within the sustainability sphere, QM Environmental undertakes works across rivers, lakes, and mines, helping to create harmony between nature and cities. President and CEO Agnes Wietrzynski tells us more.

Marcus Kääpä Tom McConnell By Marcus Kääpä Tom McConnell

PowerSecure Inc. : Securing a Bright Future

In the dynamic US energy space, PowerSecure Inc. stands as a leader in distributed energy solutions. We speak to CDO Eric Dupont about the microgrids energizing customers across the country.

Marcus Kääpä Tom McConnell By Marcus Kääpä Tom McConnell

Emerald Textiles : Leader in Healthcare Linen

Emerald Textiles is the largest in linen and laundry commercial processing within acute care, servicing Hospitals, Medical Centers, and specialty clinics across four states in the Western US. CEO Andy Kratky discusses the company’s latest developments and its continual growth in the market.

Marcus Kääpä Felix Revell By Marcus Kääpä Felix Revell

Genie Energy: The Solar Solution

Intent on bringing the advantages of renewable energy to as many people as possible, Genie Energy Ltd is at the forefront of advancing technology and options to make solar generation something that anyone can benefit from in the US. We speak to CEO Michael Stein to learn more

Marcus Kääpä Tom McConnell By Marcus Kääpä Tom McConnell

BOE Exploration & Production : Deepwater Powering the Energy Transition

BOE Exploration & Production LLC is laser-focused on oil and gas operations in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico. We speak to Joseph Leimkuhler, COO of the company, about the latest technology and the future of exploration and production.

Marcus Kääpä David Knott By Marcus Kääpä David Knott

GE Hydro Solutions : The Power of Water 

Key to a cleaner future, hydropower is at the forefront of the renewable energy space. We speak to executive members of GE Hydro Solutions, and discuss the company’s drive towards the energy transition

Marcus Kääpä Tom McConnell By Marcus Kääpä Tom McConnell

Final Word – What technology is helping to transform your industry and how?

Featured business leaders from issue 10 have the final word.

Marcus Kääpä By Marcus Kääpä

Arctic Gateway Group : The Arctic Advantage

Canada is home to many seaports shipping goods across the world. We speak to Sheldon Affleck, CEO of Arctic Gateway Group, about the company opening the Arctic region to European trade

Marcus Kääpä Tom Cullum By Marcus Kääpä Tom Cullum