ADB Companies : All in for Infrastructure

We talk to Chad Johnson, President and CEO of ADB Companies, whose infrastructure solutions are efficiently addressing demand in the sector.

By Kierron Rose Jack Salter

Emerald Textiles : Leader in Healthcare Linen

Emerald Textiles is the largest in linen and laundry commercial processing within acute care, servicing Hospitals, Medical Centers, and specialty clinics across four states in the Western US. CEO Andy Kratky discusses the company’s latest developments and its continual growth in the market.

Sky Ridge Medical Center : Healthcare Soars Sky High

Sky Ridge Medical Center, a member of HCA Healthcare, has established itself as a destination hospital offering a vast selection of services. Kirk McCarty, CEO, dissects the power of community and forging a healthier tomorrow for patients

By Callam Waller Ed Budds

CIPCO : Powering the Hawkeye State

Member-owned and not-for-profit, we explore expanding energy generation in Iowa with Bill Cherrier, Executive Vice President and CEO of Central Iowa Power Cooperative 

By Kierron Rose Jack Salter

Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association : Spotlight 

Facing the dilemma of unprecedented labor shortages combined with an unexploited energy opportunity of enormous potential, we take a deep dive into the modern quandary of Pennsylvania’s manufacturing sector

By Phoebe Harper Krisha Canlas

San Antonio Regional Hospital : Continuum of Medical Services

Against the backdrop of COVID-19, John Chapman, President and CEO of San Antonio Regional Hospital, highlights clinical care for communities of the Inland Empire and the growing role of robotics.

By Callam Waller Jack Salter

Avcorp : Partners in Performance

After 65 years in business, Avcorp is an established leader in aerospace manufacturing. We discuss an esteemed legacy in performance excellence with CEO, Amandeep Kaler

By Phoebe Harper David Knott

Expediter Services : Trucks of the Trade

We explore the growth of Women In Trucking and nurturing sustainable profitability with CEO of Expediter Services, Jason Williams

By Ed Budds Tom Cullum

Georgia Manufacturing Alliance : Spotlight

Specializing in advanced manufacturing and the automotive industries, we foreground Georgia as the southeast’s industrial capital for the manufacturing sector

By Phoebe Harper Krisha Canlas

Smart Robotics : The Shift Towards Smart Warehousing

Heico Sandee, Chief Technology Officer and Founder at Smart Robotics explores the influence of e-commerce on the future of automated warehouses

By Heico Sandee

Lafarge Canada : Materials Matter

A leader in sustainable building materials and solutions, Lafarge Canada’s journey to Net Zero is rooted in innovative solutions and collaboration.

By Jack Salter

Fueling the Fires of Domestic Mineral Production

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) tackles climate change, encouraging a prosperous future for the North American mining sector.

By Phoebe Harper

Shopware : Brand or Bust

An expert look at the latest retail takeover.

By Phoebe Harper

What is your greatest motivator at work?

We asked featured business leaders of issue 11, "What is your greatest motivator at work?"

By Editorial Team

North America Outlook Issue 11 August 2022

Issue 11 of North America Outlook Magazine. The B2B digital publication for c-suite executives and hands-on decision-makers across the region.

By Editorial Team