What legacy does your company hope to leave?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Transport and delivery of organ donation

To round off each issue, we ask our contributing business leaders for their views on the same question: “What legacy does your company hope to leave?”

Rob Walpole, Vice President, Delta Cargo

“We are in a position to make a lasting impact on individuals and communities, whether it’s through the quick transport of an organ that results in a successful life-saving surgery, the transport of emergency relief supplies after disasters like the recent Hawaiian wildfires, or the distribution of vaccines globally to help save lives. We are proud to connect the world and make a difference.”

Nona Yehia, Co-Founder and CEO, Vertical Harvest Farms

“We hope to create the future we want from the food we need and show what a business of the 21st century can be – inclusive, sustainable, and nourishing. We are community builders at heart, so our ideal legacy would be a national network of local farms that deliver global change locally and keep people fed and fulfilled.”

Prince Bhatt, Procurement Manager, Osmow’s Shawarma

“Daring to think differently is the legacy we want to leave, as we had to think differently to be the first ever shawarma brand to knock down barriers and become one of the most recognizable names in the franchise industry. We are very unorthodox in how we operate, and don’t follow the usual path; we carve our own.”

Miri Offir, CEO, 911 Restoration

“At 911 Restoration, we work hard to guarantee that our customers are taken care of, and that’s what we want our legacy to be. We call ourselves “The Fresh Start Company” because we know home restoration is never easy, and we want to alleviate as much of that as we can. That’s our legacy – the compassionate care of our customers.”

Vincent Gagnon, President, Chrono Aviation 

“We hope to leave a legacy that puts customer service and our employees first. What we mean by that is that we try to be a family-orientated business and uphold a lively and fun spirit, whilst building the company around the customer.”

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