What advice would you give to an entrepreneur entering your industry?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

We asked featured business leaders of issue 14, “What advice would you give to an entrepreneur entering your industry?

Leigh Tiffin, President, Tiffin Motorhomes

“Recognize that it is a small industry. Word of mouth really matters, and RVers like to talk to one another about their experiences, so always put a huge premium on a phenomenal customer experience, customer service and support. Additionally, go where you can find a highly skilled, trained workforce because these are handmade products at the end of the day, and they require skill and talent to put them together. Last but not least, find a great leadership team because it really does start at the top. Bring in like-minded people that want to deliver that customer experience. It’s easier said than done, but if you can do all that you’ve probably got a great shot at it.” 

Terry Murphy, President and CEO, Bayhealth

“With healthcare and caring for others, there is no other work that can provide you with such professional and personal satisfaction. Our work is extremely meaningful and provides the greatest of rewards. It can be challenging at times and it’s not for the faint of heart, but if you are looking for a career filled with meaningful purpose, healthcare will definitely give you what you’re looking for.”

Ryan Cross, Vice President of Engineering, Voltyx

“The electrification of everything has created an exciting time within this industry. It’s a time that provides the opportunity for personal and professional growth while simultaneously helping to change the world.  For someone looking to get into a world-changing growth industry, my advice is really quite simple – add value.  Add value to your employer, employees, customers, co-workers, etc., everyone you interact with. People that add value have the ability to create growth opportunities for themselves.”

Tom Vo, Chairman, CEO and Founder, Nutex Health Inc.

“My general theme to new entrepreneurs is find a solution to a problem that will benefit society. Once you find this solution, never, ever give up.”

Dan Shute, CEO, Volant

“If you understand what matters to the person who’s ultimately writing the cheque, in our case it’s oil and gas operators, and you maintain a focus on what’s best for the operator, it will build trust, confidence success and profitability in the long term, even if it feels like it might be hurting you in the short term.” 

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