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Exploring Business in New York City

New York City stands as a hub of industry within the United States and throughout the world.

Marcus Kääpä By Marcus Kääpä

Outbreaks : Navigating Offshore and Marine Industries

With 2020 defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, what can the offshore and marine industries do to safeguard themselves against disease outbreaks? Martin Petricic, Gareth Burton, and Rear Admiral Joyce Johnson, tell us more.

Martin Petricic By Martin Petricic

Q&A: Mastercard on the Rise of Real-Time Payments

There is enormous potential across Southeast Asia for real-time payments to replace cash transactions.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Q&A: Mapping out the Prospects of Driverless Vehicles

Mobica’s Wolfram Ries and Stefan Marxreiter map out the prospects of autonomous vehicles – the benefits, the challenges and the current timeline.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

MWC Exclusive: AT&T and the Importance of Innovation

From startups to its own employees, AT&T is effectively channelling an abundance of new ideas from multiple avenues.

Ed Budds By Ed Budds

The End of Black Friday?

A decades-long tradition which has come to signal the start of the festive season around the world, Black Friday has evolved tremendously since its incarnation.

Marcus Kääpä By Marcus Kääpä

The Virtual Gamble

Carlos Rodriguez, founder and CEO of G2 Sports, discusses the rise of esports and his plans to lead the most successful video game organisation worldwide.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Reinventing Water Management

Public utilities service KC Water has employed an innovative asset management strategy to streamline operations and reduce maintenance costs.

Ed Budds Callam Waller By Ed Budds Callam Waller

Cisco’s Gee Rittenhouse on the Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape

Speaking to us at Mobile World Congress, Gee Rittenhouse talks security trends and Cisco’s response to an ever-changing, ever-challenging landscape

Ed Budds By Ed Budds