Who do you look up to for inspiration?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

To round off each issue, we ask our contributing business leaders for their views on the same question: “Who do you look up to for inspiration?”

Austin Bell, Senior Director and Development Manager, The Drew Company

“There have been several people in my life that have inspired and mentored me. I look to God for guidance and my wife for focus; she keeps me grounded.” 

Kevin Wolter, Director of Business Development, Invio Automation

“People who choose to be happy. Life throws a lot at each of us every single day, which can be both positive and negative. In my experience, emotions like happiness, sadness, joy, and anger often tend to be contagious. I am always inspired by those who find a way to deal with the cards dealt to them and choose to be genuinely happy.”  

Chandra Marshall, Vice President and General Manager, Lockheed Martin Radar and Sensor Systems

“Inspiration for me and my line of work comes from a legacy of having family members who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. The fact that what I do matters for the safety of our armed forces is something I take extremely personally and I strive to give my all every day.”    

Luke Martin, COO, A1 Garage Door Service

“As I’ve become more of a leader, I’m increasingly thinking about what I want next in my life and where I want to be on the success ladder. That involves looking at people that have or are doing what I want.  

“For example, when I was a technician in the field, I looked up to better performing technicians. Now, it’s about looking at what a successful COO and CEO looks like. It’s about a mindset of growth, finding those people that have achieved what I want to achieve, and learning from them.” 

John Kwapis, President, Kentucky Trailer

“History! How many companies have been around for 145 years? We got here via proper focus, good decision-making, hard work, and dedication from the team. We listen to our customers and the marketplace and respond with differentiated solutions. At Kentucky Trailer, we take pride in providing specialty solutions and establishing relationships with our customers that stand the test of time.”  

Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, President and CEO, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal

“I’m one to quote a lot from things from Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill, so if I had to identify a couple of people, it would be those two.”  

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