What traits do you look for in an employee?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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To round off each issue, we ask our contributing business leaders for their views on the same question: “What traits do you look for in an employee?”

Alan Short, Director of Operations, QinetiQ Target Systems

“The ability to satisfy the role’s requirements with relevant or transferable training and experience is a must. I then look for synergy with the rest of the team.  

“Each team I have worked with is different, and it is critical to maintain that delicate ecosystem. When discussing the role with candidates, I prefer a conversational style and a differentiator for me is someone who has taken the time to consider the challenges they may face in the role and articulate their experience of those challenges.  

“I really like it when people have the confidence to talk about a mistake they have made and the learnings they have taken from it. After all, we have all made them and they are the best opportunity to learn.” 

Jason King, President, Rising Edge Group

“At Rising Edge Group, we look for people who embody our core values and demonstrate a strong commitment to safety, integrity, accountability, and teamwork.  

“We value and highly regard individuals who are safety-conscious, responsible, accountable for their actions, prioritize attention to detail and continuous improvement, and are self-starters. We always look for team players who are collaborative, adaptable, and able to work effectively in a dynamic and fast-paced environment within the group and the industry.  

“Overall, we seek individuals who share our values and are passionate about making a positive impact in the high-voltage electrical industry.” 

Claude Donati, Managing Member, Nexus RV

“We are always looking for hardworking, respectful, and intelligent team players that love to solve problems and are motivated by the success of those around them.”    

Billy Ray Smith, CCO, Superior Silica Sands

“We look for people that are always seeking to improve, have shown the ability to meet problems head-on, and most importantly enjoy servicing the customer.” 

Jeremy Carmichael, Vice President of Operations, Ruan Transportation Management Systems

“The traits that I look for in a good leader are integrity, visionary thinking, effective communication skills, adaptability, decisiveness, collaboration and team building, and a commitment to development and achieving results. 

“Leaders must demonstrate honesty, ethical behavior, and transparency in their actions and decisions. They must be reliable and trustworthy, which is essential for building trust with team members, customers, and partners. A good leader must also have a clear vision for the future, the ability to develop and communicate strategic goals, and embrace and drive innovation to stay ahead in the industry and continually improve.  

“Lastly, I look for leaders who can set clear, achievable goals, work diligently towards them, and ultimately get results!” 

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