Issue 1

Exmar Offshore Company : The Age of Energy Transition

As the oil and gas industry recovers from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, we speak to David Lim and Jay Cotaya about the innovative new route for Exmar Offshore Company

By Marcus Kääpä David Knott

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics : Rising to the Challenge

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, we preview Hellmann Worldwide Logistics’ COVID-19 handbook and gain insight from David Bang, Global VP of Strategic Development at the organisation

By Tom Cullum

Lafarge : The Building Blocks of Business

Outlook interviewed Robert Cumming, Director of Environment, and David Redfern, CEO, of Lafarge Eastern Canada for a closer look at how the company is making sustainability a core component of its operations

By Marcus Kääpä Ryan Gray

Atradius Group : Giving Credit

Atradius Group is a world leader in trade credit risk thanks to a simple philosophy: close collaboration with its customers

By Ed Budds Callam Waller

Wind River : The Critical Enabler at the Intelligent Edge

Wind River software has been ensuring can’t-fail systems remain operational for almost four decades, the company leading the way at the intelligent edge in a hyperconnected and autonomous era

By Ed Budds David Knott

Cobham : Mission Ready

Honouring the pioneering legacy of its founder Sir Alan Cobham, Cobham Plc has become a go-to supplier of leading edge connectivity and knowledge across a vast expanse of subsectors within aerospace, defence and beyond

By Ed Budds Thomas Arnold

KC Water : Reinventing Water Management

Public utilities service KC Water has employed an innovative asset management strategy to streamline operations and reduce maintenance costs

By Ed Budds Callam Waller

Dialpad : Dialling a Digital Future

The world of work is undergoing a substantial change, we spoke to CEO and cofounder Craig Walker about Dialpad and the company’s role in driving forward the growing digital revolution

ID Logistics : Identifying Innovation

With a new year around the corner, we take a look at ID Logistics and the company’s sustainable, innovative, and service-centric developments amid its expansion into the US

By Marcus Kääpä Tom Cullum

Ranger Energy Services : Challenging the Norm

Mark Haubert, Vice President at Ranger Energy Services, discusses the organisation’s innovative approach and how it is underpinned by a positive energy culture.

By David Knott

Women In Trucking Association : Going the Extra Mile

The Women In Trucking Association is an all-inclusive, trailblazing organisation working to improve gender diversity in the trucking industry

By Ed Budds Tom Cullum

Sentry : Insurance Moves to the Cloud

Progressive digitalisation paves the way for businesses around the globe, we spoke to Sentry about how data and technology are changing the insurance industry

Outbreaks : Navigating Offshore and Marine Industries

With 2020 defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, what can the offshore and marine industries do to safeguard themselves against disease outbreaks? Martin Petricic, Gareth Burton, and Rear Admiral Joyce Johnson, tell us more.

By Martin Petricic

Mastercard : the Rise of Real-Time Payments

Rama Sridhar of Mastercard discusses the enormous potential across Southeast Asia for real-time payments to replace cash transactions.

By Editorial Team

Mapping out the Prospects of Driverless Vehicles

Wolfram Ries and Stefan Marxreiter of Mobica map out the benefits, the challenges, and the future of autonomous vehicles.

By Editorial Team

AT&T : The Importance of Innovation

From startups to its own employees, AT&T is effectively channelling an abundance of new ideas from multiple avenues.

By Ed Budds

The End of Black Friday?

A decades-long tradition which signals the start of the festive season, Black Friday has evolved tremendously since its incarnation.

By Marcus Kääpä

G2 Sports : The Virtual Gamble

Carlos Rodriguez, founder and CEO of G2 Sports, discusses the rise of esports and his plans to lead the most successful video game organisation worldwide.

By Editorial Team

KC Water : Reinventing Water Management

Public utilities service KC Water has employed an innovative asset management strategy to streamline operations and reduce maintenance costs.

By Ed Budds Callam Waller

Cisco’s Gee Rittenhouse on the Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape

Speaking to us at Mobile World Congress, Gee Rittenhouse talks security trends and Cisco’s response to an ever-changing, ever-challenging landscape

By Ed Budds

Honeywell Building Solutions: Building a Greener Future

Honeywell Buildings Solutions employs cutting-edge technology to help organisations optimise their built environments.

By Ed Budds Callam Waller

What will be the biggest trend impacting your industry in 2021?

We asked four contributing business leaders – What will be the biggest trend impacting your industry in 2021?

By Editorial Team

North America Outlook Issue 1 December 2020

Issue 1 of North America Outlook Magazine. The B2B digital publication for c-suite executives and hands-on decision-makers across the region.

By Editorial Team