Issue 6

Wynright Corporation : The Masters of Material Handling

Operating beneath the banner of Daifuku North America, we talk to Cory Flemings, Executive Vice President of Sales at Wynright Corporation, about the company supplying solutions in the material handling industry

By Marcus Kääpä Tom Cullum

Lummus Technology : Making Modern Life Possible

We catch up with President and CEO of Lummus Technology, Leon de Bruyn, as the business marks its first year as a standalone company.

By Phoebe Harper David Knott

KBR : Trading on the Future

President and CEO of KBR, Stuart Bradie, explores maintaining an agile, people-centric culture as the company pursues an upmarket trajectory

By Phoebe Harper David Knott

TriumphPay : Forward-thinking Finance

We take a look at TriumphPay and talk to Haley Evans, Vice President of Broker Services, about financial solutions in the logistics space.

By Marcus Kääpä Tom Cullum

Melcar Group : Hitting Home Construction

James McIntyre, Managing Director at Melcar Group, tells us about the company’s origins with “a sledgehammer and a vision”.

By Marcus Kääpä David Knott

FarEye : Enabling Logistics and Supply Chain Sustainability

Delivering sustainability through a worldwide intelligent management FarEye’s technology enables logistics and supply chain sustainability. FarEye’s President of the Americas, Paul Greifenberger, shares how FarEye’s logistics solutions not only help enterprises be more customer-driven but also accomplish ‘carbon neutrality’

By Phoebe Harper Tom Cullum

Avery Dennison RBIS : Radical Transparency in Fashion

Debbie Shakespeare, from Avery Dennison RBIS, examines the urgent need for radical transparency in the fashion supply chain, and how this will cut carbon emissions and pursue a greener future for the industry

By Debbie Shakespeare

Business in the Age of Social Responsibility

Unpacking the concept of CSR and the benefits of demonstrating a responsible stance for businesses in an era of social and environmental consciousness.

By Phoebe Harper

DEW Mighty : Striving for Zero Waste

Tiffany Buzzato, Founder and Creator of California-based skincare brand DEW Mighty, talks establishing a brand without moral compromise.

By Phoebe Harper

NFL London 2021

We take a closer look at last week’s game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins during the National Football League (NFL), and the pinnacle moments that made it.

By Marcus Kääpä