What is your company’s new year’s resolution?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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To round off each issue, we ask our contributing business leaders for their views on the same question: “What is your company’s new year’s resolution?”

Craig Dirk, President and CEO, KMC Mining

“Our resolution for 2024 is to bring a partnership mindset, long-standing experience, great people, equipment, systems, and know-how to a diverse customer base, and to our stakeholders, through safe and efficient partnerships.” 

Richard Thomas, COO, Aris Mining

“For 2024, we want to continue growing hand-in-hand with the communities, improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the regions where we operate. Likewise, we want to continue with the process of coexistence with artisanal and small-miner units so that they are part of and benefit from the productive chain of our operation. Finally, we hope to continue supporting all projects that are focused on gender equality to continue contributing to the social development of the country.” 

Clinton Beeland, President and CEO, CJB Companies

“Improve today for a better world tomorrow!” 

Bruce Bharat, Country Manager and Vice President of North America, Kamstrup

“Kamstrup doubled its headcount from 2021 to 2023. With that rapid growth, combined with opening a new North American headquarters and attacking a new market segment, we’ll aim to stabilize and optimize our operations in 2024 while continuing to rapidly expand our value to water utilities across North America. Kamstrup is now a strong, disruptive competitor in the North American market, and our innovative roadmap means we’ll be adding even more value. We’re excited for what the future holds at Kamstrup, about the solutions we’re bringing to the water market, and especially thrilled to help our utility customers grow their revenue and improve operations through technology and business model innovation.”  

Angelo Michilli, President, Michilli

“Our resolution is to strengthen and fortify our relationships with clients, subcontractors, contractors, and everyone we work with. If these relationships are strong then we can practically build anything for anyone, at any time, at any speed.”  

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