What does good leadership look like to you?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

To round off each issue, we ask our contributing business leaders for their views on the same question: “What does good leadership look like to you?”

Jeff Brammer, Co-founder and CEO, The Concert Stuff Group

“Leading from the front, not the rear, and leading with Integrity. Never ask someone to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself and don’t be afraid to make a mistake, realize it quickly, own it, and of course correct it. Finally, have faith in your people, clearly communicate to them what you want them to do, and then let them do it!”

Stuart Smith Jr., General Manager, Turner Construction

“Good leadership to me is caring for the individuals who support the organization, whether it be employees, clients, or partners holistically.”

Mandar Pendsé, CIO, PlaneSense

“I am a firm believer that good leaders lead by example and stay close to the field where the action takes place. They are the ones that intimately know their function, department, or organization. If they have risen through the ranks, they are more likely to be credible. For example, our CEO is the Founder of PlaneSense and very much hands-on when it comes to the core products we sell.  

“Good leaders are those that synthesize information from various sources, consult their staff, and rely on collective experience to make fact-based decisions. Leaders that practice ‘Gemba Walk’ tend to have a good pulse on the teams they lead. Instilling raison d’être in their teams is a key attribute of good leaders; they are also good collaborators with other leaders to create a high performing organization. Good leaders are those that are not afraid to make hard decisions.”

Philip Windham, President and CEO, Nortek Global HVAC

“Good leaders must be able to listen and empathize with all types of personalities; navigate the unexpected and remain calm when the storm around them is at its fiercest; be self-aware enough to listen to their team and be self-confident enough to make the difficult decisions; and look downstream for what’s coming next and trust their teams to handle what’s directly in front of the business, but be nimble enough to jump back in when the boat needs an extra oar.”

Elijah Dubrosin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Leach International Corporation

“What’s really critical is that you get the entire team together on the same page. It’s about helping to point the organization in the right direction, but that people are heard and the great ideas from the team come through, because the people doing the work every day know what’s best for the organization, our customers, and our products. Good leadership is about helping get all of that and moving it forward.”

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