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  • American Structural Concrete prides itself on delivering over 30 years of high-quality, reliable, and innovative concrete services that last a lifetime.
  • The company has completed hundreds of structural concrete projects across the country, delivering the highest quality work on time and within budget.
  • By prioritizing eco-friendly materials and practices, American Structural Concrete is reducing its environmental footprint and supports its clients’ sustainability goals.
  • “We pride ourselves on employing a dedicated team of professionals committed to delivering high-quality, durable concrete structures,” says Jeremy Cantrill, Senior Vice President, American Structural Concrete.

A leading provider of structural concrete solutions, American Structural Concrete boasts a dedicated team of professionals across the Southeast US. Jeremy Cantrill, Senior Vice President, tells us how the company doesn’t just pour concrete but provides lasting solutions.


Having constructed some of the most recognizable concrete structures in the Southeast US, American Structural Concrete (ASC) prides itself on delivering over 30 years of high-quality, reliable, and innovative concrete services that last a lifetime. This allows clients to rest easily knowing their projects are in safe, durable hands. 

Built on the foundation of extraordinary innovation and experience, ASC is nationally renowned for being a knowledgeable consultant, trusted partner, and cutting-edge industry leader. 

“We specialize in the construction of commercial and industrial structures and offer a comprehensive range of services, including design, construction, and project management,” introduces Jeremy Cantrill, Senior Vice President. 

Comprised of seasoned and experienced professionals, ASC boasts a world-class team that has completed hundreds of structural concrete projects across the country while remaining true to the company’s commitment to always deliver the highest quality work on time and within budget. 

When a client needs a structural concrete job done on schedule, safely, and correctly the first time around, ASC is the company to contact. 

What sets the company apart is its unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. ASC leverages state-of-the-art technology and innovative construction techniques to deliver superior results. 

“Our experienced team, attention to detail, and ability to customize solutions to meet specific client needs further distinguishes us within the industry,” prides Cantrill. 

Driven by its strong values and unwavering mission to keep any and all promises made, ASC aligns with its clients’ goals to help bring their visions to life through value-engineering and in-depth planning of traditional cast-in-place structures, hybrid CIP/Precast parking decks, industrial, and tilt-up structures. 

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Cantrill has been enthralled with construction since early childhood, as both his father and grandfather had careers within the lucrative industry. Having recognized his passion early on, he decided to pursue a degree in construction management at the University of Cincinnati. 

“As part of the curriculum, the internship program provided me with an opportunity to obtain experience in the field, which would ultimately become the most essential part of my education,” he insights. 

“Doing the work in the field gave me the knowledge and information I needed for the work in the classroom. Actually doing the work is essential to being able to manage the work.” 

This experience made the transition from classroom to workplace feel seamless, granting Cantrill the confidence and experience to work his way up from Assistant Project Manager to Senior Vice President. 

“The process of performing every duty along the way has provided me with the expertise needed at all levels of my career.” 

Cantrill’s progression is a direct reflection of the importance ASC places upon internal promotion and recognition. 

The business is steadfast in its belief that fostering a culture of growth and development within its structure not only benefits its employees but strengthens the overall organization. 

“By promoting from within, we retain valuable institutional knowledge and ensure our leadership is well-versed in our company’s values and operations. Recognizing and rewarding hard work motivates our team and contributes to a positive and productive work environment, which is integral to our success and longevity.  

“We achieve this through open communication, professional development opportunities, and a supportive culture that values each employee’s contribution,” details Cantrill. 

By offering competitive benefits, regular training programs, and team-building activities, not only are employee satisfaction and retention increased, but productivity and project outcomes are also significantly benefitted. 

“We pride ourselves on employing a dedicated team of professionals committed to delivering high-quality, durable concrete structures”

Jeremy Cantrill, Senior Vice President, American Structural Concrete
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Currently, the construction industry is experiencing a notably dynamic period of growth and innovation. 

“Advancements in technology, sustainable building practices, and an increased focus on infrastructure development make it an exciting time to be involved in the field,” enthuses Cantrill. 

“The industry’s evolution towards more efficient and environmentally-friendly methods opens up numerous opportunities for companies like ours to lead and innovate.” 

ASC’s ability to remain at the top of its field while continuing to incorporate new technologies is, in part, due to its crucial relationships with its various partners and suppliers. 

“Our supply chain operations are a critical component of our business. We have developed a robust and efficient network that ensures the timely delivery of high-quality materials to our project sites,” Cantrill comments. 

This system involves meticulous planning, strong logisitical capabilities, and the capacity to adapt to changing circumstances rapidly. 

The company views its partners as an extension of its own team and prioritizes building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. ASC works closely with suppliers to ensure all materials and equipment meet it’s stringent quality standards and engages in collaborative planning to anticipate and mitigate any potential disruptions. As a result, the business can provide confident, consistent results for its clients.   

“Open and transparent communication with our partners is essential, helping us address any issues promptly and coordinate effectively,” expands Cantrill. 

Additionally, ASC is dedicated to sustainability and working with suppliers who share the same commitment. By prioritizing eco-friendly materials and practices, the company reduces its environmental footprint and supports its clients’ sustainability goals. 

“Partnering with innovative companies allows us to stay at the forefront of the industry, offering advanced materials and technologies that enhance the efficiency, durability, and sustainability of our projects.” 

By nurturing strong partnerships with suppliers, ASC ensures that it delivers projects on time, within budget, and to the highest degree of quality. These relationships are a cornerstone of the company’s operational strategy and play a critical role in its ability to meet and exceed client expectations.

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As ASC continues to look towards a durable, long-lasting future, it is engaging in more exciting and innovative projects around the Southeast US. 

One recently commenced site is the new Jacksonville Shipyards Project – comprising both the Four Seasons Hotel and private residence – in Jacksonville, Florida, which has redefined luxury in the region and features world-class amenities and exceptional design. 

“Our role in this prestigious project highlights our capability to deliver high-end, sophisticated structures that meet the strictest standards of quality and elegance,” prides Cantrill. 

Additionally, ASC is currently participating in the Centennial Yards Development in Atlanta, Georgia – one of the largest mixed-use developments in the city that aims to revitalize the area with new residential, commercial, and entertainment spaces. 

“Our involvement in this transformative project underscores our commitment to contribute to the urban landscape and support sustainable, community-focused development. This development is particularly special to us as it aligns with our vision of creating vibrant, liveable spaces that benefit the community and promote economic growth.” 

Together with its team of field-experienced preconstruction managers and operations staff, ASC is excited about the future outlook of projects that are currently in the design stage which will come to fruition in the near future. 

In the immediate years ahead, the company is looking to continue to build upon the exceptional abilities of its world-class team by adding personnel and promoting from within. Strengthening our headquarters in Georgia and regional office in North Carolina as well as strategically introducing additional regional offices, will allow ASC to increase its project portfolio and form strategic partnerships to enter new markets. 

“This strengthening and expansion will allow us to serve a broader client base and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the construction industry,” concludes Cantrill.

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