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Louis Locke is Project Manager at North America Outlook Magazine. Louis is responsible for sourcing and bringing together corporate stories from the Energy, Utilities, and Recycling sectors across North America.
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Southwest Electric : Modern Life, Uninterrupted

Taking action, being the solution, and growing better together, Southwest Electric Co. has been a leading power partner for over 75 years. President, Jeff Weingarten, discusses the importance of agility and aspirations of growth. 

Phoebe HarperLouis Locke By Phoebe Harper Louis Locke

TC Energy : Energizing a Transitional Future

For more than 70 years, TC Energy has proudly operated pipelines, storage facilities and power-generation plants that support life in Canada, the US and Mexico. We dig deeper with Vice President of Energy Transition Technologies, Roland Muwanga.

Ed BuddsLouis Locke By Ed Budds Louis Locke

Veolia North America : Replenishing the Planet

Veolia North America's mission is to resource the world, helping its customers address their environmental and sustainability challenges across energy, water and waste. Vice President of Operations Excellence and Transformation, Swapnil Marda tells us more

Ed BuddsLouis Locke By Ed Budds Louis Locke

S&N Communications : Communication is Key

The foremost resource in telecom, electric and gas construction, professional services, and infrastructure engineering, S&N Communications continues to spearhead the provision of these crucial services. Chief Operating Officer, Sean Davis, tells us more

Ed BuddsLouis Locke By Ed Budds Louis Locke

Voltyx : The Bright Sparks of Power Generation

A center for talent attraction differentiated by its integrated approach to reliable service, Voltyx is committed to meeting North America’s changing energy needs. Vice President of Engineering, Ryan Cross, tells us more

Phoebe HarperLouis Locke By Phoebe Harper Louis Locke

Exus Partners : The Real Asset

At the vanguard of renewable energy management on a global scale, Exus Partners delivers operational optimization to minimize losses and maximize revenues. We find out more with Partner and Head of Asset Management, Dhaval Bhalodia

Phoebe HarperLouis Locke By Phoebe Harper Louis Locke

San Jose Water : Safeguarding Water Supplies

In the face of water scarcity, President and COO Andrew Gere tells us how San Jose Water is maximizing efficiency and conservation.

Jack SalterLouis Locke By Jack Salter Louis Locke

QM Environmental : Restoring Land and Water

Canada is a green nation of green thinkers. Within the sustainability sphere, QM Environmental undertakes works across rivers, lakes, and mines, helping to create harmony between nature and cities. President and CEO Agnes Wietrzynski tells us more.

Marcus KääpäLouis Locke By Marcus Kääpä Louis Locke