At North America Outlook Magazine, we continually strive to deliver valuable, insightful, and original content to our dedicated B2B readership. Our ‘Expert Eye’ series is a unique space where industry leaders and forward-thinkers share their knowledge, breakthroughs, and visions for the future. If you are an expert willing to inspire change and foster growth within the industry, we invite you to contribute.

All accepted ‘Expert Eye’ contributions appear on this website and are promoted extensively to our readers across the website and our social media channels. Due to limited space in the magazine we cannot guarantee accepted contributions will also appear in the digital edition of North America Outlook Magazine.


  1. Originality: We prioritize content that is fresh, original, and not previously published elsewhere. Your unique perspective is what our readers cherish.
  2. Length: Submissions should be comprehensive and thorough, requiring a minimum of 750 words. This length allows for depth and detail, enhancing the value provided to our readers.
  3. Expertise: Articles must demonstrate clear expertise, industry knowledge, and thought leadership. Whether it’s an analysis of current trends, a forecast into future advancements, or a guide to best practices, your article should leave readers with new, actionable insights.
  4. Non-Promotional: While we acknowledge your professional achievements, the ‘Expert Eye’ series is a knowledge-sharing platform. Thus, contributions should be educational, avoiding direction promotion of services or products. We will create an SEO optimised Author Page containing links to your social media accounts and website.


  1. Query Submission: Before sending your complete article, we ask you to submit a brief query outlining your topic, key points, and your associated expertise. This step ensures alignment with our content strategy and prevents duplication of topics.
  2. Review: Our editorial team will review your query. If your idea is selected, we will invite you to submit the full article. This process can take up to one week, and we appreciate your patience.
  3. Article Submission: Upon invitation, you may send your full article adhering to our guidelines. Please include any relevant high-resolution images or graphics (with credits and permissions), your brief bio, and a headshot.
  4. Editorial Assessment: Your submission will undergo a comprehensive review. This stage ensures that the piece meets our quality and originality standards. We reserve the right to make editorial adjustments for clarity, accuracy, and readability.
  5. Publication Confirmation: Once approved, we will schedule your contribution for publication. While we cannot guarantee a specific publication date, we strive to inform you of the expected timeline.
  6. Feedback Loop: Post-publication, we encourage a feedback loop with our contributors. We will share your feature on our social media accounts.


Ready to share your expertise and vision with our B2B audience? Submit your query today and join the industry’s leading minds in shaping the future. For any further inquiries, please contact us.

We look forward to your valuable contributions and to bringing fresh perspectives to our readers through the ‘Expert Eye’ series.

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