Declan Jennings

Declan Jennings is a Project Manager for Outlook Publishing. Declan is responsible for showcasing corporate stories in our digital B2B magazines and Digital Platforms, and sourcing collaborations with Business Leaders, Brands, and C-suite Executives to feature in future editions. Declan is actively seeking opportunities to collaborate. Reach out to Declan to discover how you and your business could be our next cover story.
Project Manager
2 Business Articles

Rising Edge Group : At the Cutting Edge of Energy

Within an industry landscape that increasingly favors renewable energy options, Rising Edge Group, a major contributor to green energy infrastructure across North America, emerges as a force to be reckoned with.

Chaberton Energy : Navigating the Energy Transition Responsibly

We discuss navigating the energy transition and remaining socially responsible with Chief Commercial and Sustainability Officer of Chaberton Energy, Erica Brinker.